Firewalker DevRamblings 6

2 years 11 months ago by damagefilter

Hello there!

It has been a funky week full of hunting regressions while finishing the attribute spreading in the combat system... which is a fancy description for "Weapons can put things on fire now".
Which is essentially what is happening now.


Generally, weapons can do anything with the attacked entities now for demonstration purposes I chose the classic fireball and letting thigns go up in flames. This was all done to enhance combat mechanics and also to finish up the status display.
That's kind of an indicator about what kind of problems a particular entity may or may not have.
The initial idea was to add little icons above entity heads but then it seemed easier and much better to just introduce actual image effects.
The poison effect makes you go all green, Diablo-style ;)

So that was what I've been working on all week.
Thanks for reading and have a nce week!