Collect ingredients around the area of Moorebrick by destroying monster spiders, ghastly whisps, bats and more, to create most evil and powerful potions.
Collect herbs and mix them together in your cauldron to finally make the worlds-end concoction to ... well ... make the world end!

This is our #asylumjam2015 entry and was made in <= 48h.
Expect bugs, loose ends and unfinished gameplay elements.

Use WASD or arrows to move.
Space to jump
Mouse1 and Mouse2 for attacking.
Use E or I to open inventory.

Known issues:

  • There is no sound :(
  • Firebugs are bad at attacking
  • Getting killed lands you on the main screen instead of a game-over screen
  • Brewing the worlds-end concoction is not taking you to a world-ending cut scene. But looks very pretty.
  • HUD doesn't fit-to-screen on higher resolutions